Our Ethos

Our churns hanging up to dry after a thorough wash

Kappacasein’s milk comes from Commonwork farm on the 500 year old Bore Place estate in Kent. The farm is 100% organic, which means that the cows are fed a healthy diet and live a happy, uncrowded, stress-free life. They are out on the grass that they love for most of the year, eating silage for the winter months and bought-in feed only when necessary – a minimal input system that is both sustainable and economic.

Many dairies use bought in starter-cultures to create their cheese for predictable and consistent results, but at Kappacasein our starter is created every week using Commonwork Farm’s unpasteurised milk, and a little live yoghurt. That way we get to celebrate and showcase the natural changes of the milk over the year. It takes a little longer, but as Bill Oglethorpe, owner and head cheesemaker at Kappacasin, says ‘why not spend time doing something you love?’

The Cheese People

Iona Moncrieff
Bill Oglethrope
Ana Rojas Vega
Pietro Alberti


Small is Beautiful

A charming documentary made about Kappacasein during the pandemic by Imperial Msc Science Media Production students Claire & Jake.

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Financial Times

Where do you go for the perfect cheese toastie?

In search of the ultimate melt.

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Joolz Guides - London Cheese

The ever affable and amusing Joolz popped in on us making cheese during his 'How to Make and Eat Cheese in London' video guide.

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Neighbourhood Portraits

A 3 minute 'portrait' of Bill. Part of a video series by Hardy Aimes exploring rejuvenated areas of London "teeming with culture".

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Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal paid our stall in Borough Market a visit to sample a toastie during the London episode of the Netflix show 'Somebody Feed Phil'.

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A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles

We were honoured to be mentioned in Ned Palmer's delightful and cheesy rendition of British history.

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A Cheesemonger's Compendium of British & Irish Cheese

Honoured again by Ned in his second book celebrating the best of cheeses in Britain and Ireland today.

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Designed by The Sourdough  ●  Photographs by Fran Hales & Tom Bunning   ●   Words by Ned Palmer

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Designed by The Sourdough  ●  Photographs by Fran Hales & Tom Bunning   ●   Words by Ned Palmer